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You Don’t Want to Miss Our Fall Pop-Up Event!

Posted by Danielle Dolan on Oct 12, 2018 10:11:00 AM

In the South? Learn why you should stop by our traveling pop up to try on Charles River Apparel’s newest selection of rain jackets, fleeces, and more — before the event ends.

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Wondering where in the South you can try on our newest selection of rain jackets, fleeces, sweatshirts and outerwear?

We’ll give you a hint. It’s a new location every day, and you can find out on our Facebook page.

We’re right in the middle of hosting our fall pop-up tour and try-on events—beginning in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina and ending in Louisville, KY. It’s a chance for us to connect with customers, showcase new fall styles, and give you the opportunity to win one of 4 great prizes, including our iconic rain jacket, The New Englander®.

“As part of the event, we’ll set up a mini pop-up shop outside of participating retailers with samples of our new fall styles for customers to try on. With each try-on, participating customers will get a scratch card that could reveal one of 4 prizes, including our iconic rain jacket,” says Tracy Lehnen, VP of Marketing. “We’re very excited to kick off this series of events and look forward to meeting our customers and hearing what they have to say about Charles River Apparel and our new fall styles,” continues Lehnen.

The Journey Begins

And who better to kick off this journey than Barry Lipsett, CEO and owner of Charles River Apparel? It’s unusual to find a CEO who’s willing to hop behind the wheel and drive from Boston to South Carolina. But Barry didn’t hesitate — in fact he volunteered! On Monday morning, he packed up the Mini Cooper and filled it with all the elements needed to create mini pop-up shops and try-on events at some of our best southern retail and monogram shops.

The journey started with a quick stop in western Mass. on the morning of September 25th. Barry invited customers who were attending the local NEPPA Trade Show Event (New England Promotional Products Association) to have a coffee on him at the local nearby Starbucks. He then made a pit stop at the CRA booth to say hello and goodbye, and then he was off.

Barry ended up making another (unexpected) quick stop in New York City to attend a trade show before officially hitting the road. This happened when he took a wrong turn and ended up in NYC… so why not seize an opportunity?

After a few stops (and lots of rain), Barry arrived in Virginia to meet with one of our sales representatives, Kent Davis, and a few key customers before continuing to South Carolina. “Along my drive, every few miles, there were landmark signs to tell the history of the region. There were small farms and rolling hills. Lots of rain has turned the region bright green. It felt just like New England,” remarked Barry.

It’s only fitting that Barry’s drive involved plenty of rain. But thank goodness he was prepared — packed in the back of the Mini were plenty of Men’s New Englander® rain jackets, ready to protect him for whatever the weather brings. It turns out, this durable rain jacket has been a best seller at each of the stores Barry has visited. One thing’s for sure — our southern customers know how to handle drizzly days in comfort and style!

In the South? Come Find the Tent!

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The first event was held on Monday, October 1 at LD Bags and Gifts in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina. The team at LD Bags was excited to be the first retailer to launch our pop-up tent and had a lot of fun throughout the day. Debbie, their store manager, had this to say about their event:

“We had our first ever Charles River Pop Up Show at LD Bags on October 1st. We ran into a hurricane and a flood the week before, but we pulled it off without a hitch! Our customers loved it! We did live Facebook feeds and kept everyone up to date on social media. We gave away a lot of prizes and our customers just absolutely loved meeting Mr. "Charles River". Barry graciously greeted each and every customer that stopped by and posed for pictures. The new items were very well received and we had lots of orders! Kudos to Jon [CRA sales rep] as well - great job with our customers! I do not think Jon ever meets a stranger. We were fortunate enough to have a spokes model that interviewed Barry about how Charles River Apparel started, the mini cooper and about the lines that we represented. Barry is a natural in front of the camera and we were able to get really good footage which we will use to continue to promote Charles River here at LD Bags. Great job everyone at CRA for putting this promotion together and thank you for including us here at LD Bags!”

Next, we headed over to Seven Boutique in Lake City, South Carolina where the event took place in a beautiful location with lots of foot traffic bringing in customers old and new alike (see above image).

Barry then finished his part of the tour at 7th Moon Gifts in Lincolnton, South Carolina, where they finished with beautiful weather and lots of new customers that simply loved our new products!

“Thank you for the awesome event you provided our little place in the world. The city coordinator stopped by and was very impressed. Y’all come back now ya hear?!” says their store manager, Teresa.

Don’t worry — the journey isn’t over yet. This Mini Cooper plans to continue through Georgia, Tennessee, and Kentucky in the hands of some of our best sales representatives.

Be on the lookout for us — our pop-up could be coming to a town near you! And you don’t want to miss the opportunity to check out our newest styles and a chance to win our New Englander® rain jacket.

For the most up-to-date tour schedule, check out our website and Facebook page.


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